Wear Resistant Steels

Product Details

Wear Resistant Steels Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Hardox 500 and their equivalents between 2mm-120mm are available in our Ankara, İzmir and Istanbul inventories.


HARDOX 400 Brinell HARDOX 450 Brinell HARDOX 500 Brinell

HARDOX 550Brinell HARDOX 600 Brinell

Flex-Resistant Steels

Product Details

Stronger, lighter and more durable productions can be made with high-strength steel products. By this means, it displays good performance in mainly the construction machinery sector in telescopic boom manufacturing, vehicle chassis manufacturing, bridge and road projects, vibration valves and sieves.


Weldox, Strenx, Optim

S 690 QL S 890 QL S 960 QL

S 960 MC S 700 MC DOCOL 1000

Sheet and Profile Varieties

Product Details

These steel products have a wide range of uses such as steel construction, reinforced concrete structures, construction industry, automotive industry, and are classified according to their yield and breaking strengths.


ST37, ST42, ST44, ST52

S 235 JR S 235 JRG2 S 235 J2G3 S 275 JR

S 275 JRG2 S 275 J2G3 S 355 JR S 355 J2

S 355 J2+N S 355 J2G3 S 355 J2G3C P 355 GH

S 355 NL S 460 NL

Armour Steel

Product Details

Ramor 500, Protection 500, Armox 500

Ballistic Steels, High quality bulletproof steels have been tested at global standard levels VPAM, PM2007, EN1522, PM2000, MIL-DTL-12560, Stanag 4569. These steels are processed in our special machines for laser cutting and machining, and served the end user in the requested measurements and dimensions. For detailed information on armour steel, contact Metaloks. Click here to contact.